How to Start Exercising and Stick into it


Many of us worry about our health and our lifestyle that we always remind ourselves that we should start exercising already. However, the “I will start exercising tomorrow” statement will go on and on and on and you will realize that it has been weeks or even months already since you said that statement.

Most people who tend to delay or postpone exercising are very sedentary that they prefer not to move too much at all. They prefer activities like reading, cooking, baking, writing, etc. In short, they are more into activities that have nothing to do with keeping their body active and fit. Some on the other hand, are too busy and they find it difficult to squeeze in exercising in their routine. While there are different reasons, it primarily boils down to motivation. No matter how busy you are or any reason you have that you are citing, if you really want to exercise and be fit, you can always do so.

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So, can you motivate yourself to exercise and stick with it?

Start exercising little by little

Do not delve into extreme exercises immediately. Start with easy, simple, and short exercises. One of the things that you can do is fifteen to twenty minutes of short walks during the morning and/or during the afternoon. You may also walk instead of taking public transportation or driving when you go to and from work. Another thing you can consider doing is to take a short five minute break and do small jumping jacks or simple squats or stretching or do you may do those things during your break.

Tip: They say that at least 30 minutes of exercise every day is most ideal but that does not mean that you have to exercise for at least 30 straight minutes. So, when you do 15 minutes of walking in the morning and same number of minutes in the afternoon, and you also do some small 2-3 minutes of exercises in between work, that it’s good.

Move on to joining fun, easy to follow classesworkout

Now that you have already built momentum and you are already having exercise as part of your routine, you can move on to exercising as an integral part of your routine. You can start of by joining classes that usually lasts for an hour. If you
are hesitant in joining groups because you do not feel comfortable, invite someone who can do those classes with you. That way, you can accompany each other and motivate each other at the same time. Classes can range from simple aerobic classes to dance classes.

Design your own routine

Now that exercising is already part of your system, that you know what your body is capable of after weeks or even months of exercising, and that you know which part of your schedule can be wiggled for you to be able to squeeze in a exercising, you can already start doing your own routine which can work for you effectively.

Tip: Make the routine you design really creative so that you will not get bored. You may do different cardio workout on different days like do cycling on Mondays, Jog on Tuesdays, Dance classes on Wednesdays, hiking on the weekends, etc. Design it in a way that you think is more encouraging, motivating, and fun for you.

Reward yourself

It is always good that you reward yourself for a job well done and for being disciplined to add another activity as part of the routine. That way you can be more motivated to keep the activity on your routine.

It is always important to remember that for an activity to be instilled and be part of your routine, you should start slow first and then when you are used to it, you can do it more often until it becomes part of your system without you even realizing it. Also, always remember that it is more motivating if you always think about how good you feel after an exercise more than focusing on why you should not exercise. You can always use different excuses for you not to exercise which is why remembering how good it feels like every after one workout is the best way to do it.


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