Run Fit Challenge Week 1 – LIVE Q&A

Run Fit Challenge Week 1 - LIVE Q&A

Your Running and Food Questions from the Run Fit Challenge – Week 1 LIVE Facebook Video with Monica Olivas from Run Eat Repeat.

The weekly Coaching Questions and Answers session is part of the Run Fit Challenge Virtual Running Club. The Challenge Runs Jan 17 to April 10. Get more information here – The Run Fit Challenge 

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Run Fit Week 1 – Q&A LIVE

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Video Notes:

Warm Up: What is your goal for the running challenge?

Meal Plans and Macros for Runners (4:08)

1. Do you follow a specific meal plan (macros, caloric intake, ???) when you are training? You have mentioned that when you first started running, you wanted to lose 20 lbs and you did. Would LOVE some guidance on how to do that while running/training. I just seem to be hungry all the time and end up putting on more weight whereas if I was able to lean down a bit, I think I could be a faster runner.


Heart Rate Training (13:00)

2. I’m wondering about heart rate and running. For starters, I’m 41 years old with a resting HR of 55 and I’ve been a runner for almost a decade. Should I be overly concerned with my heart rate during runs if my perceived effort feels “easy?” For example, I can have a breathy conversation and the run feels comfortable but my heart rate will be in the 150s-160s. Some running coaches would say that’s too high for an easy run, but when I try to keep my HR below 145-150, I’m barely running anymore, it’s more of a power walk.


What Running Plan Should I Use (20:15)

3. I’m not sure if I should use the 5K or 10K Training Plan. Any thoughts?


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