Nutrition for Runners – Run Fit Challenge Week 5

Nutrition for Runners

Week 5 of the Run Fit Challenge is all about Nutrition for Runners. So I’m sharing a run down of nutrition basics runners should keep in mind. Use these tips when you’re meal planning and prepping to help you put together the best diet to help you run better, faster and stronger!

NEW Video on the best runner’s diet tips to keep in mind while meal planning. This isn’t a done for you meal plan, it’s the basic information you need to know on how to fuel your body. Use these concepts along with your body’s needs and goals to create the best meal plan for YOU.

Every body is different. So there isn’t one best diet plan for all runners. Just like there isn’t one best training plan for all runners. What you need to perform your best and feel your best may be different from your running buddy. Heck- it may be different from month to month!

I try to eat a diet that’s 80% healthy and 20% fun (treats or less healthy options). I focus on whole foods and try to avoid super processed foods when possible. (But do what’s best for you and use this as information only.)

Nutrition for Runners

  1. Macronutrients [Carbs, Fat, Protein]
  2. Your best diet
  3. Food as fuel
  4. Planning and Prep Tips
  5. What to note (How to log what you’re eating to help you run better, faster, stronger)

Nutrition for Runners

  1. Use the Meal Planner to record what you’re eating for the 1st week. Record without any judgement or stress – this is an opportunity to learn.
  2. Take that information and see what you want to change and/or keep the same. What’s working? What’s not?
  3. Print out another copy of the Meal Planner and plan your meals for the week. Keep it simple!

Get the printable Meal Planner in the Run Fit Workbook or request it below.

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