Juicing for Weight Loss


Juicing is the easiest and most effective way to get into your system the essential nutrients and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Since it is mostly liquid already, there is not much digestion needed and that would mean giving your digestive system a break. With your digestive system saving the energy, the body can then use that saved energy to clean the organs, specifically the small intestines.

Juicing also helps in losing weight and detoxing, in rejuvenating the body, in making the skin look more radiant and healthy, and in helping the body protect itself from diseases and illnesses. The great thing when you juice especially when you are not much of a fruits and vegetables person? You get more of them into your body than when you eat them as they are. Of course that means, you are taking in more nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial to your body.

Juicing is truly a popular part of the diet for people who want to lose weight. Celebrities and popular public figures are endorsing it as it has become effective for them and it will surely be effective to anybody as well. There are a lot of combination of fruits and vegetables which result to yummy juices and there are some combinations that are done just because the vegetables and fruits that are used contain the most nutrient that are needed by the body.

Among the juices that are endorsed and well received by a lot of people, the following are what we think would be great in taste, are budget friendly, and contains a lot of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are good for the body.

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Juice that helps in burning fats

  • Peeled grapefruit
  • Peeled oranges (make it two or three)
  • Mint (as much as you want but you can put around ¼ cup of it
  • Spinach (you can also use kale or lettuce)
  • A dash of cayenne pepper

Juice that has low calorie content

  • Kale (4-5 medium sized leaves or 2-3 big ones)
  • Celery (a stalk of it)
  • Apples or pears (2-3 medium sized ones)
  • Cucumber (one medium sized)
  • Lemon (one medium sized)

Juice that is perfect for cleansing

  • Celery (3 small stalks or one big stalk)Beet (one small piece)
  • Carrot (3-4 medium sized ones)
  • Apples (2 medium sized ones)
  • Lemon (one small piece)
  • Ginger (one small piece)


Juice to rejuvenate and refresh

  • Watermelon or melon (1/2 kg or 1/3 of a small sized fruit)
  • Mint (a bunch of it)
  • Ginger root (one small piece)

Note: You can use other fruits as great source of nutrients that support rejuvenation like avocados and berries and vegetables like broccoli and kale.

Juice that helps burn fat quickly (with a twist)

  • Carrots (two medium sized pieces)
  • Celery (one big stalk)
  • Beet Root (one piece)
  • Jalapeno (one medium-sized piece)
  • Kale (four leaves)
  • Lemon (one half of a medium-sized fruit)
  • Ginger (one small piece)

While these are combinations of some of the favorite juices by many people, you can still freely juice your favorite fruits and vegetables on your own. It is highly recommended that when you select your fruits and vegetables to make your own juice, you select from the different fruit and vegetable group according to its color(one for each color, at least) because every fruit and every vegetable have benefits and they differ according to the color group they belong.

To best guide you on the different fruits and vegetables color group and the benefits per color group, check the well-made and beautifully illustrated infographic by clicking here.


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