How to Be On a High Carb Diet and Lose Weight

high carb

A lot of people around the world are know that when you cut off carbohydrates from your diet, chances are, you are going to lose weight. It may be true and have been effective to many but, many studies that are conducted are concluding that a high carbohydrate diet is as highly effective as a low calorie diet when it comes to losing weight. Not only that, a high carbohydrate diet also promotes good heart, good digestive health, and it also promotes longer life.

The kind of diet that is packed with the right carbohydrates like resistant starch diet and complex carbohydrates is one of the great and effective ways to lose weight or even stay slim. Researches have already proven that the best way to at least maintain your figure or lose weight if your daily caloric intake is composed of 60 percent carbohydrates.Sweet Potato Fries

Aside from being a great source of energy, carbohydrates are also great in suppressing appetite and, they are even far more filling than fat or even proteins. Carbohydrates make you feel full for a longer period of time because they are digested by the body at a much slower pace than other type of food. With that being said, when you are fuller, you will not crave for something and in effect, you will not have that urge to look for something to eat. Yes, carbohydrates also carbs your hunger and ends, if not minimize your cravings! According to Researchers, when they had people swap their diet to high fiber, resistant starch food diet from their low-calorie diet, in just two days, their cravings went away.

One great benefit you can get from a high carbohydrate diet that will help you lose weight on how it greatly helps in controlling the blood sugar of the body. Swapping potato_png2391white rice to brown rice is good, or swapping your regular white bread to high fiber bread is also a great idea. You can then eat brown rice and high fiber bread with beans, corn, potatoes, and other high resistant or complex carbohydrate foods that can help keep your blood sugar in check.

Probably the greatest reason why a high carbohydrate diet is very effective in losing weight is because it helps speed up your metabolism. Upon the consumption of carbohydrates burn fat when it reaches the body’s digestive system where it releases fatty acids then burns fat, especially the fat in your belly. The fatty acids that are released also help preserve the muscle mass which is helpful in the burning of fat and that would of course, translate to losing weight.

Low carbohydrate diet may be working for some but high carbohydrate is beneficial in losing weight as well. You just have to know which carbohydrate food are the right ones to take. For a good list of few of the best sources of carbohydrates, click here.


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