Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

healthy snacks

When we talk about losing weight, aside from working out and exercise, we also include changing our diet and reducing food intake. Some go to extreme lengths just to lose weight quick and it becomes very unhealthy.

Starving yourself should never be an option when you are on a weight loss journey. The secret is not by avoiding food, it is choosing the right ones so that, you can still eat regularly, nourish your body and never have to reduce your food intake.

One other wrong thing other people do when they try to lose weight is they avoid snacks. Snacks are good, they keep you on the go, and they keep your body going. What should be monitored is the type of snack you consume. While the usual snacks are junk foods, sweets, and oily foods, there are snacks that can substitute those which are equally delicious and satisfying but, it helps in every person’s weight loss journey.

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The following are some of the healthy snacks you can have for losing weight:



Fruits that are popular in helping lose weight and can be easily packed are always the great snack options. You can perhaps slice two pears or two apples and pack them, or pack a cup or two of blueberries or raspberries. They are not messy to eat so they are perfect even when you are on the go.

You can perhaps slice two pears or two apples and pack them, or pack a cup or two of blueberries or raspberries.

They are not messy to eat so they are perfect even when you are on the go.

Dried Fruits (with nuts)

weight loss

There are many dried fruits with nuts (there are also those that do not have nuts mixed with  them) available in the market nowadays. Dried fruits are usually packed on snack size, on Ziploc containers, or you can pack them on your small Tupperware which is why you can put them in your bag and bring them anywhere you go.  The great thing about dried fruits

The great thing about dried fruits is they still have tremendous amounts of nutrients you can typically get before the fruits were dried. They are also naturally sweet already which makes it a perfect snack. Just make sure that you pick the unsweetened ones.

Cottage Cheese

They say that a cup of cottage cheese contains a quarter of what is recommended for daily fiber needs of the body.

Although many are having cottage cheese for breakfast, it is also a great snack pick.

It can be eaten just as it is, with dried fruits, with nuts, or with crackers, all of which are foods that are also filling and perfect as snacks.

Whole-wheat bread and whole-wheat thins

Many studies have already been conducted about how whole wheat bread aids is losing weight and in getting rid of belly fat. It is, in fact, a fat fighter for a reason. This is also a great option for a snack and you can spread a low-fat spread if you want a little flavor. Best part, you can have another slice and another of it without feeling guilty.

Dark Chocolate

weight loss

Chocolate is a good source of energy but a lot of people who want to lose weight are avoiding chocolates. What some do not know is that dark chocolate is good for the health and it helps in losing weight.

Apart from how it helps give the much needed energy and mood boost, it helps in making the body feel full for long periods of time. That means you will have a lesser urge for more food.

Dark chocolate also suppresses the urge to eat sweets, high-calorie foods, and starchy foods which are the main causes of weight gain.

Have snacks. Do not starve yourself. Make sure the food you take are the right ones and make sure that the snacks be taken in moderation. Do not deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to function well because nothing is better than losing weight without compromising your overall well-being.


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