7 Easy steps to burn over 2,900 more calories every week


There are many different ways to change up your mental and physical health all at once while you reduce your stress levels and boost your mood and energy at the same time. One of the simple things you can do is to get on your feet. Instead of driving going to your destination may it be an appointment, a date, or an errand or when you go to work, you can just ride a bike or walk instead. When you walk, you will help your body burn 300+ calories per hour while when you drive, your body can burn around 240+ calories per hour. Aside from burning some calories, you will get to save some gas money and CO2 emissions.

More mood boosting and very easy steps and fun facts that can help boost your mood, help you be more energized and help you be more physically and mentally fit? Check the wonderfully discussed infographic below:



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