Gym Workout Routines for Women


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Working out at the gym

There are a lot of different gym routine workouts for women that has improved and evolved over the years. While some work well for a lot of people, there are some that don’t. Before starting a workout routine, it is of paramount importance that you determine first the type of body you have, what you want to work on, and how fast you want the extra pounds to get off your body.

If you want to just lose weight and get your body toned, then these simple steps, or instructions that are very easy to follow, are the perfect one for you.

Do some cardio.workout

Cardio is probably the most popular and most effective workout to shed off some weight. This type of workout improves blood and oxygen circulation in the body and it helps improve the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. It helps shed fat to make your body be slimmer and more toned. You can do cardio workout through using the threadmill, do regular jogs during the morning or the evenings, join dance or aerobic classes. You can take two to three minute breaks in between to give your body a little rest and then, continue with the cardio work out again.

workoutAdd some weights.

May it be light or moderate or heavy after doing a cardio work out for a week. Start first according to what you think your body can endure then as you go along and as you become fitter, you can move on to heavier weights. Take breaks in between and do it ten to twelve times in order for your body to become more toned. As your body becomes more used to it, you can add some more reps. Earlier shift to heavier weights would of course, make your body be more toned faster.

Friendly Reminder: It is enough that you drink water throughout your workout to stay hydrated and also have some water as well an hour before you exercise. You need not to take sport drinks for working out unless you are working out in a hot and humid environment as sport drinks give carbs, fluids and sodium.

Toning the body does not only involve lifting weights and doing heavier exercises. It also means taking the right kinds of foods. Foods that are rich in protein are the perfect foods to consume. Some of the best sources of protein are chicken, turkey, tenderloin, lean beef, egg white, fish like salmon, trout and tuna, and cottage cheese. If you are not much of a meat lover, you can add protein shakes into your diet. Add carbohydrate rich foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, pumpkins, and whole wheat bread as well because you will be needing a lot of energy when you work out.

Stretch out after workout.workout

After each session of workout, it is a great idea that you do some stretching to reduce the soreness you will feel and the tightening of your muscles. When you also do stretching every after a workout, it is also more likely that your muscles will become more toned faster.


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