How to Get Rid of Belly Fat


Belly fat is a concern not only for people who are overweight or obese but also for people who are also skinny. This is a common problem especially for those who work in the office where most of their time are spent seated. Getting rid of belly fat is believed to be the most difficult to work on but, it is not impossible. You just need determination, discipline, and of course patience. Why patience? Because you will need to understand that this is not something that can happen overnight, in a blink of an eye or in just a snap.

Proper diet and the right type of exercise are of course, what should be worked on. In terms of exercise, it is not just any exercise that you have to do. You have to do the types of exercises that hits those love handles directly.

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Here are a few tips you can follow:

Avoid sugary and starchy foods

Most studies say that fighting belly fat is 80 percent proper diet so that means choosing fiber-rich and protein rich foods over starchy and sugary foods. Instead of drinking sodas, calorie-rich flavored coffees and artificially flavored juices, drink water. If you are craving for those kinds of drinks, go for zero sugar ones as there are some that are available. You may also opt for fat burning fruits and vegetables you can easily juice to help you not only in avoiding sugar rich foods, but to also in absorbing the nutrients and fat-burning properties that you can get from them. For list of great, delicious, and very nutritious juice recipe of fruits and vegetables that can give you high fiber, high protein, fat burning properties, click here.

Avoiding sugary drinks also means avoiding sugary foods as well. Avoid those decadent cakes on birthdays, or those attractive cupcakes on celebrations, or those sweet candies that you always have at your office cafeteria. If you crave for them, go for crackers or wheat breads instead. You may also go for dark chocolates as replacement because dark chocolate is good for the health.

Fiber rich and Protein rich foodsweight loss

Fiber rich foods are foods that can help you feel full for long periods of time. Since you feel full, you will tend to eat less and you will also crave less. Research has already proven that people who add 12 grams of fiber to their diet lost a quarter of an inch around their weight without modifying their diet. Protein rich foods are likewise important in your journey towards getting rid of belly fat because around 30 percent of calories per gram of protein are burned in digestion as compared to only 8% of calories in carbs. That is a huge difference and that is surely a big contribution to weight loss.


Lifting and then Cardio afterwards

Do some lifting and exercises that hit your love handles or your belly. When you are very tired already, go for a run or a jog. You may also do some dancing or biking if you want. With your body still on fire after that very tiring lifting and workout, doing cardio right after will give greater effects to the body.

Do not be a Couch Potato

Yes, you may be tired from working the whole day and you need to rest but if you continue on giving in to what your sedentary body wants, then you will not achieve that result you want to achieve. When at the office, do not just sit there and stare at the screen or just sit there and check your social media accounts. Do some small exercises. For list of the exercises while at work, click here. If you do not want to miss your favorite TV series, you can watch while on your threadmill or while you are doing simple exercises like jog in place, jumping jacks, and other exercises which you can do while in front of the television. But of course it is much recommended that you skip the TV series and go for an undisturbed workout.

All of these are things that can be done by anyone. Getting rid of the fat is possible; it is just a question of when you want to do it. Why not now?


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