Breakfast Tips for Weight Loss

weight loss

A lot of studies have already supported the claim that when you eat breakfast, you have a better chance of losing weight than when you skip having it. Firstly, breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism which means, when you eat breakfast, your metabolism will be kicking and that, in effect, will lead to faster burning and breaking down of fat in the body.

Through a study that is conducted by Cornel University when the researchers surveyed 147 slim people from which 96 percent of them said that they eat breakfast almost everyday, an undisputed claim that slim people eat breakfast, is firmly established. This further supports the fact that indeed having breakfast plays a role in weight loss. But, of course, when you want to lose weight, not only should you have breakfast everyday or almost everyday. You must also have for breakfast the proper food you will need to lose weight.

The foods you are to have for breakfast should be the types of foods that can help you last through lunch so that you will not have unnecessary and unhealthy snacks. The foods that will help you lose weight, and the foods that will help you boost your metabolism.

Protein Rich Foodsweight loss

Foods that are rich in protein is perfect for breakfast because it will help you full for a longer period of time. With that, you can last until lunch without the need to have some snacks which are usually unhealthy. When you are also feeling full, you will not have cravings. The food that trigger cravings are usually the unhealthy, sweet, or fatty foods which is why, having foods rich in protein as addition to your breakfast is truly very ideal. Some of the foods that are rich in protein that you can have for breakfast are cottage cheese, greek yogurt, milk, eggs, beets and wheat germs.

If you are building muscles, you might want to consider protein shakes. For simple, easy to make protein shake recipes, click here.


Fiber Rich Foods and Foods that Helps Lose Weight

weight loss

Foods that are rich in fiber are also perfect for breakfast. Aside from helping you feel fuller for a much longer amount of time, and aside from it being a popular type of food for digestion, it also curbs cravings. Corn, cereals, wheat bread, and muesli are the popular ones you can have for breakfast. Fruits like apples and pears are popular fiber rich foods you can munch on for breakfast as well. If you are comfortable with vegetables for breakfast, you can have lentils, brussel sprouts, kale, artichokes, cauliflower, and broccoli. One cheat you can do if you want these fiver-rich foods in your body? You can juice them! Juicing them will make you consume a lot but in an easier way.

For recipes on refreshing juices that are rich in fiber and ARE GREAT COMBINATIONS THAT SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS, click here.



Foods that Boosts Metabolism

A complete losing weight journey is not complete without taking in foods that help boost your metabolism. Having a great metabolism means your body can break down and burn fats much quicker than when you have slow metabolism which is why it is important that your metabolism is great. Popular foods that help boost metabolism that are ideal for breakfast are almonds and peanuts. To enjoy these much more, you can chop them finely and sprinkle them to your juice, or you can chop them coarsely and add them to your yogurt or cottage cheese. Spinach, jalapeno, grapefruit are also a popular metabolism boosters. These are those that you can juice along with the fruits that are high in fiber like the ones enumerated above.

Always remember that you should never starve yourself when you want to lose weight. It is very unhealthy and dangerous to do so. Your body needs to still be given the nutrients it needs for it to function well, for it to be strong, and for it to be able to fight illnesses and diseases.
Of course, always remember to not skip breakfast as breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


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