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How to do Yoga


As defined by Wikipedia, Yoga is is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in India. Yoga is composed of different techniques and practices that help individuals to achieve a state of enlightenment. There are different paths of yoga and you just have to choose which one is the most ideal for you. Yoga is popular not only in India where it originated, but also across the globe. It’s popularity is very widespread that just recently, they proclaimed a National Yoga Day.

The amazing thing about yoga is that, anyone can do it. A young one, an adult, an elderly, anyone who is capable of moving a muscle. That is probably the reason why it is very popular. Why are people gushing over Yoga? What are the benefits of doing yoga? Is it really good for every individual’s overall being? Definitely!

Physical Benefits of Yoga

  • Builds Muscle Strength
  • Increases flexibility
  • Helps improve posture
  • Better blood flow
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps keep the heart healthy
  • Improves your balance
  • More stable breathings
  • Protects the spine
  • Regulates adrenal glands
  • Maintains balanced metabolism

Other Benefits:

  • Better, deeper sleeps
  • Builds inner strength
  • Boosts mood through the increase of serotonin in the body
  • Helps you become more focused
  • Helps the person make stress more manageable
  • Mental clarity and calmness
  • Relaxes the mind

It is not a wonder why yoga is for everyone no matter what age or gender and no matter if you are an active gym person, an athlete, a busy businessman, a young child, even if you are a sedentary person who most people call a “couch potato”. With the different yoga paths available, there is always one for you.yoga

Here is a simple step by step guide on how you can do some yoga wherever you feel you are comfortable doing:

Prepare your yoga must-haves

While yes it is true that yoga is very simple and not at all demanding, doing it will require you to invest of some stuff. Not rubber shoes, of course! Have a yoga mat. There are different types of yoga mats available but you would definitely want a mat where you do not easily slip so that it will not distract you from doing yoga properly. If you cannot find any yoga mats in nearby stores, you can be creative and improvise. You can use a carpet, or a towel or a fleece blanket. Just do not use the lack of proper things to use as an excuse for you to procrastinate. You need not have to invest into gym gears. Just find some clothes that are comfortable for you, clothes that will not limit your movements.

Look for a good spot where you can do yoga

The most ideal is probably in the comforts of your home. You can use your living room. Move the furnitures so you can have a good space. If you prefer the outdoor and you have a good frontyard or backyard, you can also pick that spot. Just make sure that the spot you are going to pick is what you feel is comfortable for you and that the spot is quiet, calming, and peaceful. If you can concentrate more if you have a soft, soothing background music and scented candles, you may opt to have them to accentuate the calmness of your environment.

Schedule your yoga practice

You need to dedicate some free time to do yoga and identify which time of the day and which day of the week you will be using. This one is truly important so that you can create a regular yoga habit. Practicing yoga, like the usual typical exercise, is more effective if you do it regularly, not only when you feel like doing so. Therefore, plan this wisely.

Although most routines require 60-90 minutes of undisturbed time, it is okay if you only do yoga for 10 minutes. Even with those few number of minutes, after some time, you will feel the difference.

Choose the yoga routine that is ideal for you

Before delving into the whole yoga routine, you need to determine first which routine is ideal for you. Get to know your body first, assess yourself and your capabilities then, choose which routine is appropriate. If you chose enrolling into yoga classes instead, it would not be a problem because, more likely, the instructors know what they are doing and they know what can work and cannot work for you. But since you want to practice at home, what you can do is watch yoga classes online or buy yoga DVDs. Before you click that button of the yoga session you can follow online or before you purchase that yoga DVD, do some research or might as well just look for “Yoga for Beginners” videos. Then as you go along, and as you get comfortable, that is when you can go do much more difficult routines.

Do not be discouraged

There might be different postures or positions that would seem difficult for you but that should not be a reason for you to give up. Try to do those positions even if you cannot do it the first, the second or the third try but, you will notice that you improve as you go along and then eventually, you would be able to do that difficult position. It just takes time and your body just needs some adjustments along the way. Which brings to this point: once you are comfortable with easy routines, go a level higher, a level which is still comfortable for your body.


Enjoy practicing yoga as part of your routine and you will see much more how beneficial yoga is for your body. Like what they always say, when you enjoy what you are doing, it will feel so natural that you would not look at it as something that you have to do, but as something that you love to do.

Friendly Tips/Reminders:

  • Chant a mantra to get a proper mindset. This is very important during the start of every routine.
  • Chanting and meditation during yoga practice may lead to better concentration and much clearer focus. You may add this to your routine if you think this works for you.
  • Never skip warm up. Sun salutation is an effective warm up that you can do for your muscles and also your mind to be prepared.
  • Always practice Savasana after yoga practice. Your body needs rest after a practice, regardless of the duration.

So ready that yoga mat, ready that yoga video and then…..start!

How to Start Exercising and Stick into it


Many of us worry about our health and our lifestyle that we always remind ourselves that we should start exercising already. However, the “I will start exercising tomorrow” statement will go on and on and on and you will realize that it has been weeks or even months already since you said that statement.

Most people who tend to delay or postpone exercising are very sedentary that they prefer not to move too much at all. They prefer activities like reading, cooking, baking, writing, etc. In short, they are more into activities that have nothing to do with keeping their body active and fit. Some on the other hand, are too busy and they find it difficult to squeeze in exercising in their routine. While there are different reasons, it primarily boils down to motivation. No matter how busy you are or any reason you have that you are citing, if you really want to exercise and be fit, you can always do so.

So, can you motivate yourself to exercise and stick with it?

Start exercising little by little

Do not delve into extreme exercises immediately. Start with easy, simple, and short exercises. One of the things that you can do is fifteen to twenty minutes of short walks during the morning and/or during the afternoon. You may also walk instead of taking public transportation or driving when you go to and from work. Another thing you can consider doing is to take a short five minute break and do small jumping jacks or simple squats or stretching or do you may do those things during your break.

Tip: They say that at least 30 minutes of exercise every day is most ideal but that does not mean that you have to exercise for at least 30 straight minutes. So, when you do 15 minutes of walking in the morning and same number of minutes in the afternoon, and you also do some small 2-3 minutes of exercises in between work, that it’s good.

Move on to joining fun, easy to follow classesworkout

Now that you have already built momentum and you are already having exercise as part of your routine, you can move on to exercising as an integral part of your routine. You can start of by joining classes that usually lasts for an hour. If you
are hesitant in joining groups because you do not feel comfortable, invite someone who can do those classes with you. That way, you can accompany each other and motivate each other at the same time. Classes can range from simple aerobic classes to dance classes.

Design your own routine

Now that exercising is already part of your system, that you know what your body is capable of after weeks or even months of exercising, and that you know which part of your schedule can be wiggled for you to be able to squeeze in a exercising, you can already start doing your own routine which can work for you effectively.

Tip: Make the routine you design really creative so that you will not get bored. You may do different cardio workout on different days like do cycling on Mondays, Jog on Tuesdays, Dance classes on Wednesdays, hiking on the weekends, etc. Design it in a way that you think is more encouraging, motivating, and fun for you.

Reward yourself

It is always good that you reward yourself for a job well done and for being disciplined to add another activity as part of the routine. That way you can be more motivated to keep the activity on your routine.

It is always important to remember that for an activity to be instilled and be part of your routine, you should start slow first and then when you are used to it, you can do it more often until it becomes part of your system without you even realizing it. Also, always remember that it is more motivating if you always think about how good you feel after an exercise more than focusing on why you should not exercise. You can always use different excuses for you not to exercise which is why remembering how good it feels like every after one workout is the best way to do it.

How to lose weight fast


According to the 2014 data presented by the World Health Organization, 13% of the word population is obese; more than double the figure in 1980. With that data, it is not a surprise that many are truly determined to lose some weight. A lot of weight loss programs were created and developed by trainers and dietitians, some of which are published and even became bestsellers. Some pharmaceutical companies on the other hand, are manufacturing slimming supplements for those who are too busy to lift a finger to exercise or those who simply cannot resist the addicting sweets or the savory processed foods.

Understanding Obesity and being overweight

Obesity means that there is too much fat in the body. Whereas, overweight means that a person weighs much more than the ideal weight. A body goes to that point when there is more calorie intake than the calorie burned. There are different reasons why a person weighs much more than the ideal, healthy weight. It may be because of the genetic make-up, or maybe because of too much eating, or it may also be because of the lifestyle which is more likely, sedentary.

When you are obese, it means you are more at risk of heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, obstructive sleep apnea, and certain kinds of cancers.

While some have already embraced their curviness, others on the other hand, worked on shedding the extra pounds off. Although it is, in fact, great that we embrace how we look and have others love us for who we are, it is important to keep in mind that there is a higher probability of suffering from illnesses and diseases if we are overweight or obese.

So, what are the fastest ways to lose fat?

The first thing that should be done when starting is, by turning your back on your previous lifestyle. That means, the kind of food you eat, sleeping habits, rituals, and more likely, your preferences.

The food.

It is time to drop the junk foods, processed foods, and foods rich in starch. Yes, foods like chips, burgers, and anything deep fried, and foods you find on your favorite takeaway restaurant or favorite fast food chains. They are heavily processed and some are even loaded with preservatives. They are also very oily. A lot have claimed that when they dropped some pounds just a couple of weeks after avoiding takeaways and fast food. Include to the foods you will drop are the foods rich in sugar. Some of the foods rich in sugar are cakes, bars, pastries, candies, and other sweet treats or desserts. Replace these foods with fiber-rich, unprocessed, organic foods. You can opt for two slices of bread topped with butter, or muesli and fruits with yogurt, or oatmeal with fruits, or smoothie for breakfast, stir fried vegetable with a matchbox-sized meat for lunch, and smoothie, or a piece or two of any medium sized fruit, or salad with vinaigrette or soup for dinner. There are a lot of options as replacements, you just have to make sure that the replacements are fiber-rich, unprocessed, organic foods.

Substitute with water any flavored drinks you are usually having like artificially flavored juices, sodas, and frappes. Scientists say that our body does not recognize or register liquid calories like how it registers solid calories. This means that even if a glass of frappe that has the same calorie amount as a plate of pasta, the glass of frappe will not make you feel as full as how a plate of pasta will. Since that is the case, it is more likely that you will buy another glass of frappe than another plate of pasta just to be satisfied.

The following are some of the foods that help you on how to lose weight fast:

Vegetables.fruits (2) Green vegetables like kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts. Aside from containing only a few calories which is perfect for losing weight, these vegetables are healthy options as they also very nutritious and filling. They can be good as smoothies if you cannot bear eating them raw.

Apples and Pears. These fruits are the best fruits for losing weight. Not only do these fruits help in curbing the appetite, they also give the body plenty of fiber. These fruits have low glycemic index which then help in slower absorption of carbohydrates, which then helps in the stability of blood sugar. Stable blood sugar means lesser food craving.

Almonds. This nut is one of the foods that is proven to be helpful when it comes to losing weight. It contains amino acid L-arginine, which helps in the burning of fats during workout. Moreover, the almond’s cell walls are claimed to be helpful in blocking fats.

Eggs. According to a published study in the International Journal of Obesity, participants who ate two eggs lost 65% more weight than those who ate bagel containing the same calories. They are rich in protein which is why consuming them will make you fill full for a long time and with its appetite-suppressing properties, it is not a surprise that eggs help in losing weight.

Green Tea. Green tea is a very popular antioxidant but little do some know that green tea is also a popular product that can help lose weight. It contains many bioactive substances which are believed to help burn calories, even when the body is at rest. It also contains an antioxidant that can boost the metabolism. One added bonus when taking green tea is that, it is said to help lose belly fat.

Chili Peppers. Capsaicin, chili peppers’ main ingredient is the agent that helps turn the bad, white fats into fat burning brown fat through the process called thermogenics wherein the heat is created through fat burning. This means that chili peppers have the same effect as when we exercise. Scientists suggest that to get the full benefits of capsaicin, you should couple the consumption with exercise.

More food habit tips:

  • Drink a lot of water on a regular basis. Make sure that you drink 8-10 glasses of water every day but do not drink more than 3 glasses on one go as you might drown your heart and kidneys.
  • Squeeze one medium-sized lemon then add a glass of warm or room temperature water 30 minutes before breakfast.
  • Do not skip breakfast or any other meal. Skipping meals may reduce your calorie intake but it will also reduce metabolism as the body will try to conserve energy. After some time, when you will eventually eat meals, even if the amount you consume is the same as always, the body will use the calories much slower and that, in effect, will give some pounds that are backlogged. So when you feel like you are hungry, eat something. It may be a piece of fruit, or a cracker, or a plate of salad if you are too conscious on what you eat.
  • Avoid eating after 6:00PM or 4 hours before going to sleep.
  • It is also okay to have a “cheat day” once a week to treat yourself.


Special, healthy diet is indeed effective in losing weight but if you do it with exercise, losing weight becomes faster. One of the reasons why we gain weight is because we live a sedentary lifestyle. This kind of lifestyle was more reinforced since we became more technology-dependent. Instead of playing outside with friends, we play online games or video games with them. Instead of going out for a walk for a bit of chat with friends, we chat with them on Facebook,Whatsapp or Skype. This kind of lifestyle should be reduced, and be replaced with more active, fun activities. On top of those activities, exercise and workouts should be added.

When it comes to losing weight, cardio workouts are always the best. A 20-30 minute jog or brisk walk every morning can be helpful but it is better if you can extend it to an hour. Not only will this exercise help you feel better, but it will also help improve your mood. There are options for cardio workouts other than jogging like going to the gym for spinning classes, dance classes, zumba classes or aerobics classes. This is more recommended because usually these classes are composed of at least 7 students. The more people you do exercises with, the more fun will it be for you. Swimming and cycling are other activities that can help well with your cardio.

Once your body is used to the different cardio workouts, then you can already start sculpting your body, especially your tummy and/or arms. Bellies are problems by most people, even the thin ones. Some say they have big bellies because of beer, or because of the nature of their job where they are just in the office, in front of their computer, and loaded with paperwork the whole day. Regardless, bellies and arms should be worked on. The question now is, how to lose belly fat? Aside from the drinking green tea and chili peppers, you should also do body sculpting activities or exercises that target that area of the body.

While weightlifting, push-ups, and sit-ups are the popular, classic body sculpting and strength training, there are other training that are as effective but much more fun. It can help not just in getting rid of belly fats and the fats in the arms, but also all the other fats in the body. One popular workout class nowadays is kickboxing because aside from the self-defense side of it, the activity also helps in moving and developing every muscle of the body.

It is highly recommended that any person who wants to lose weight fast should do diet and cardio exercise hand in hand with strength training. When you go strength training like lifting weights, sit ups, push-ups, and other body sculpting exercises, you build lean muscle tissue. Lean muscle tissue helps burn more calories at work and even at rest throughout the day.

More exercise tips:

  • Instead of taking a cab or using a car going to work, switch to walking.
  • Do 30-50 jumping jacks every now and then when your hands are not tied. You can do it at work, or while waiting for your water to boil, or while watching television and the show is on commercial break, or while you are letting the soap on your face stay for 2-3 minutes.
  • Invite a buddy you can do jogs or gym classes with. Studies say that a person gets more motivated when he is doing activities with someone, and jogging and gym classes are great activities that can be done together.


Follow what is advised for ages now, which is to get full seven to eight hours of sleep. Studies show that a person who sleeps less than the suggested number of sleeping hours have the tendency to gain more weight than a person who sleeps within those number of hours prescribed. When you lack sleep, you tend to eat more and so, those foods you eat will provide more calories to the body. Aside from that, sleeping less slows down metabolism.



Slimming Supplements

Although not at all very recommended as this would mean you will be shelling out a lot of money for a certain period of time, it is up to you if you would like to take this route as others have already done. You would need to be very diligent when you are taking slimming supplements as well because there are times when you should take them several minutes before meals on eight-hour intervals or so. If you fail to follow instructions, it is more likely that the effects will be very minimal.

Some have taken slimming supplements and they have seen great, flattering results but others, on the other hand, did not feel like something has changed weeks and even months after taking the supplements. Before you take this route, however, you ask your doctor about it first. Check with your doctor if the ingredients will not harm your body. It is important to check as well if the brand can be trusted or not. There are a lot of slimming supplements in the market today because many people are using them which checking the brand’s trustworthiness should be one of the priorities in this matter.

You can have all the knowledge you want when it comes to slimming down or getting rid of those body fats but it all boils down to your discipline and determination. A lot of people already tried but to no avail because in the middle of their journey, they give up, or they no longer feel the sense of losing weight. But, if you really want to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid any possible illnesses and diseases, start now and once you start, you must work your way through. It is not going to be easy because you will have to change some things but, it will be worth it.

Tips before Bedtime for Quick Weight Loss


The typical advice for any person who wants to lose weight is to eat the proper foods in moderation, to go hit the gym to work out, to go jogging in the morning or in the evening, or to take weight loss supplements. What a lot of people don’t know is that, routines before bedtime is also helpful on every person’s weight loss journey. It is not much of a stretch to do these pre-bedtime routines and it definitely is not very costly!

Do a Simple pre-sleep Resistance Training

smiling teenage girl doing push-ups at homeAside from helping you burn some calories while doing it, exercising also boosts your metabolism which, in effect, helps in the burning process even when the body is at rest. The International Journal of Sport Nutrition claims that those who performed resistance exercises enjoyed a higher resting metabolic rate for an average of 16 hours following their workout. What perfect way to do a bit of resistance training than a few hours before going to bed?

Eat Peppers

Studies strongly claim that one of the most effective and most popular way to burn fat is by eating peppers. Eat peppers before going to bed and that way, your body will still burn some fat even when you are already sleeping.

Protein Shake before Bed

Having protein shake before going to bed helps in boosting you’re the metabolism of your body. According to studies, people who consume good snacks that are rich in fiber, casey proteins, or whey has a higher rate of resting metabolism the next morning than when they eat nothing. Protein is said to be more thermogenic than carbs or fat which means that your body will burn more calories digesting it. For a list of great Protein Shake recipes you can use both before bedtime and during the day, click here.

Try Adding Some Cardio as Part of Your Routineworkout

You have already done your simple resistance training and you feel like your body is still in the perfect condition to do some cardio routines. Good news is that, resistance training is more effective when you add some cardio activities after. Perhaps after some lifting, you can walk or jog around, put your television on and watch some zumba sessions available online, or if you have a stationary bicycle or a threadmill, you may of course, use them as well. Cardio is very beneficial for losing weight even when the body is at rest as, according to studies, cardio before bed helps the body burn belly fat.


Lights Off and Mobile Devices Away

Studies have already proven that people who sleep in darker rooms are 21 percent less likely to be obese than those who sleep with their lights on. Same is true with mobile devices. Studies have also proven that students who have at least one mobile device beside them when they sleep are one and a half times more likely to be overweight as kids with none. So get used to sleeping with lights off and your mobile devices being left a few meters away from you.

Have Enough Sleep

Doctors recommend having at least 7 hours of sleep every night and that is for a reason. If you sleep late, you will tend to get hungry and you will also tend to crave for foods. Usually the body craves for something sweet or something tasty and these kinds of foods are not really helpful. This event will then lead to you getting more weight. To avoid this, sleep on time and have enough sleep. Lesser sleep would also slow down the body’s metabolism. If the body’s metabolism is slow, burning of fat even when at rest, would be much slower.

On your way to losing weight and getting that body you always dream of? Do not just work on your diet and your exercise which you will plot only at certain parts of your day. Also consider pre-bedtime routines for you to lose weight faster.

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