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The Student’s Guide to Health and Fitness


Health and fitness tips for students

A typical students’ life is too focused on learning and studying that working out and staying fit is not part of the typical daily routine. However, the body and the mind need exercise for it to function normally.

So in your busy schedule, there is a lot of activities that you can squeeze in for you to stay fit. Hitting the road and jogging at local trails, taking a fitness class, walking or cycling to classes, joining a sports team or a club. Parking farther away and walk, taking the stairs, walking around during study breaks, using the college gym, finding friends for your workouts, changing up your regular routine, taking a hike, and lots of other simple activities.

Studies show that exercise is linked to better grades which is why, even if you are very busy, taking a few minutes off to stay fit would truly make a difference.

For food groups that are ideal for your and healthy eating tips, and different sleeping tips for a healthy sleeping routine, check the infographic below.


How to cleanse and detox your body at home

detox your body naturally

In the world that we live in, many have adopted a kind of lifestyle that is not health friendly. There are different reasons. One of the reasons is, having a hectic routine where most of the time is being spent at work and this leads to buying fast food to save time, having no decent sleep, and not having enough time for any physical activities.

To say it simply, this is a routine where health is the least priority. Another probable reason is giving in to what the body wants without realizing the consequences. Foods that are too tasty, too sweet or too oily can be addictive but are not good for the health. There are a lot of foods available on the market that are quick, affordable, easy grabs. These kinds of foods can be addictive and lots of people prefer them as getting them will save time, money and effort. Since most of these foods are decent enough to consume, many do not bother to know if the food is good for the body or not.

Another thing that contributes to a poorer health condition is the environment which involves water and air pollution, and it can also be the nature of work you do. These kinds of lifestyle may deteriorate your health and will eventually affect your mood, relationships, and even performance at work. For these reasons, detoxifying is highly recommended.

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Why is it important to detoxify?

Detoxifying is important so that the toxins that have accumulated in the body can be flushed out. It will not only make you feel healthier physically, but it can also help you boost your mood, energy, and even your immune system.

In this fast-paced world we currently live in, you might think that you will not be able to squeeze detoxing in your day but the good thing is, you can do it at home using the usual things you can find in your kitchen and if you cannot find them, they are easily available in supermarkets.

It is not enough that you have the time and you have what you need in order for you to start cleansing. It is also of paramount importance that you know how to do a detox diet.

The following are simple and effective ways on how to detox your body at home:

1. Garlic

Garlic on the tableThe use of garlic for detoxing has been going on for thousands of years. Although garlic does not directly flush the toxins out of the body, it does contribute to detoxification as it helps increase the production of glutathione, which is an agent that filters toxins that are coming from the digestive system and helps as well in the detoxification and purification of the liver. On top of those benefits, garlic contains healing properties through its natural substance called allicin and is also a good source of Vitamin C which is a nutrient that highly supports the immune system.

Garlic is better consumed raw for the body to be able to fully enjoy the detoxifying benefit it can provide. It is much ideal if the garlic is chopped or crushed so that it also releases sulfur compounds, which helps the liver in getting rid of the toxins in the body.

It is recommended that to fully enjoy the benefits of having garlic in the detox process, a clove to four a day should be consumed. If the taste of raw garlic is too strong and unbearable, garlic capsules can be an option.

2. Green tea

For years, green tea is one of the most popular antioxidants around the world. Like lemon water, it is also a popular drink that helps burn fat and helps boost the immune system. Green tea is also popular because it helps prevent heart disease by decreasing the level of cholesterol in the body. The antioxidants you can get from drinking green tea help in burning fat by increasing your metabolic rate and also helps in flushing out toxins from the system. These benefits you can get from green tea makes it a great instrument for it.

Matcha green tea is highly recommended because having one cup of it is like having 10 cups of regular green tea. It may not be very popular around the world yet but it is popular in many Asian countries because of the health benefit it gives and its uniquely delicious taste.

3. Ashitaba

Ashitaba is a famous medicinal plant in Asia, specifically in Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Thailand, and also in the United States. Ashitaba is tagged as the wonder drug because it provides immense health benefits.

Ashitaba keeps degenerative diseases from occurring and it helps the body cells rejuvenate which is why it is a popular anti-aging plant. It is also a good alternative for supplements like glutathione because glutathione supplements and ashitaba have the same effect when it comes to cleansing and purifying the liver and in cleansing and whitening of the skin.

The leaves of this plant can be eaten raw, but there are also tea bags, supplements, and tea powder available in the market.

4. Raw Vegetables

While there are vegetables that are best eaten cooked because they need heat in order for them to release the good chemicals they can offer to the body, there are also vegetables that are best eaten raw. These vegetables that are best eaten raw are also the best ones to consume for flushing toxins from your body.

Vegetables like cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts are great for helping the liver suppress and remove toxins during cleansing. These vegetables are usually consumed cooked but it is much preferable to eat them raw because according to studies, once these vegetables are cooked, they lost a lot of their nutritional content. The truly magnificent thing about these vegetables is that they contain high levels of naturally occurring sulfur, a chemical that helps the liver get rid of the toxins during cleansing. Some great sources of nutrients for the body that also contains high levels of sulfur are kale, spinach, beet, oregano and carrots.

Though these vegetables can be consumed as they are and are perfect when sliced according to your preferred size, these vegetables can also be juiced.

5. Superfoods rich in Omega 3

Omega 3 plays a great role in detoxification because fatty acids are needed in the different functions of the liver. This type of fatty acid plays a pivotal role in the rehabilitation of the membrane, which is a fundamental part of a successful neurotoxin detoxification. Foods rich in Omega 3 are also helpful in lubricating the intestinal walls which help the body eliminate toxins.

Some foods that are rich in Omega 3 are Salmon, Tuna, and nuts. Oils that are also rich in Omega 3 are fish oils, avocado oil, flax seed oil, olive oil, and walnut oil.

However, there is a concern when it comes to fish oils as fish oils are said to contain mercury. For that reason, it is important to remember that if you use any fish oil during detoxification, chlorella should also be taken so that mercury contamination can be prevented.


6. Gradually avoid starchy and sugar rich food

Another highly recommended way of cleansing your body is gradually changing your eating lifestyle especially if you are eating mostly unhealthy, junk food. It is true that sugar-rich foods like cake, cookies, tarts, and other sweets and foods like pasta, white bread, white rice, and other starchy food, are very satisfying and addictive. Because of that, it is important that the decrease should be gradual.

These foods that are high in sugar and starch and simple carbohydrates are harmful because they build toxins inside the body so reducing and replacing the intake of such kinds of food is truly essential. If not reduced and replaced, these foods can be a cause of different illnesses and can also decrease the body's immunity.

Foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates are great replacements. Some foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates are starchy vegetables such as pumpkins, corns, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and yams and whole grain foods like oatmeal and pasta.

7. Lemon with warm or room temperature water


lemon waterDrinking lemon has lots of benefits which is why it is not a surprise that lemon with warm or room temperature water is one of the most popular ways to detoxify. Not only does it help in losing weight, but it also helps in the body's proper digestion which leads to eliminating symptoms such as heartburn. Drinking lemon water also helps in lowering the cholesterol and sugar level in the body and it also curbs the appetite by having the body feel full and satisfied. Lemon also helps in the cleansing of the body and the cleansing of the liver. Lemon, being popularly known as a great source of Vitamin C, also means it has the capability to strengthen the immune system through permitting the body to absorb more iron. Vitamin C from lemons also help repair, rejuvenate, and keep the skin healthy, while it also helps the body regenerate faster.

The great thing about lemon is, it is easily available. This is definitely the easiest and more likely the most effective way on how to detox your body at home. All you need is a medium-sized lemon and a glass of warm water first thing in the morning. It is ideal if taken 30 minutes before the meal.

It is important to note, however, that drinking lemon water should be taken gradually and at just the right amount because drinking too much of it and too quickly, may cause distressing detoxification symptoms like bowel movement changes and headache.

8. Natural Herbs

Natural herbs like turmeric, dandelion roots, basil, and cilantro are easy to find and are highly effective. Not only are they great for the regular dishes where you usually mix them but they are also great when eaten as they are. These herbs taste good and the best part about them is, they can naturally cleanse.

9. Fiber-rich foods and Foods rich in Complex Carbohydrates

You may have read about it already or more likely someone has told you, that in your diet, you need to have a lot of fiber. It is good for losing weight and it is also very helpful in cleansing the body more naturally. Our body, most specifically our digestive system, usually keeps substances from the food that passes through or any element that enters. Some bad elements that enter are toxins, or wastes not properly removed by the body, or preservatives that are not good for the health. These elements may lead to health problems which are reasons why, to keep the digestive system work properly, and for the elements inside the body to be flushed out, it is important that enough fiber enters your body.

Although there are many fiber supplements that are available in the market, it is always best to get the fiber naturally by consuming fiber-rich foods like bran, any kinds of berries, pineapples, barley, turnips, different kinds of nuts, and brassica vegetables like cabbages, kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower.

10. Exercise

Cheerful young women exercising at the gym and weightlifting using dumbbells, they are smiling at cameraExercising effectively stimulates the body. Physical activities help in keeping the heart healthy and keeping the lungs clean. Also, when you perspire, the sweat glands open and your skin gets cleaned. When you exercise, you tend to drink plenty of water for hydration and in effect, you are replacing the water you have managed to sweat out. The body flushes toxins very efficiently when you drink a lot of water because through the water you take, the kidneys get to filter toxins faster. Another benefit you can get when you exercise is the improvement of the performance of the digestive system. If the digestive system works well, the body experiences less indigestion which leads to better waste and toxin removal.


Finding time to exercise is sometimes difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule. Having the will and the motivation to exercise may not be very high but, exercising should not feel like a chore as it can also be fun. If jogging, cycling or walking cannot work because there is no good jogging area in your vicinity and you do not have any equipment at home like a treadmill or a stationary bicycle, there are a lot of other options to do physical activities for sweating out. Examples include the very fun Zumba, or a relaxing exercise like Yoga, both of which you can do at home and all you have to do it go online and look for videos so you can be guided. Other activities like jumping jacks and stretching can also be done at home.

Weight Loss Can Be Hard Without The Right Information


You could not do this any longer. The excess weight has increased is becoming a more than ever. You think about it all the time, and it is causing both you and your wallet some serious pain. Read this article below for some weight.

You can have your favorite foods while losing weight as long as you pick the versions with less calories. A lot of individuals abandon their diets because they end up craving certain foods or are just plain hungry all the time. If you eat reduced-calorie versions of your favorite foods, though in a low-calorie version, you will never feel deprived and will have a better chance of sticking to your diet.

  • Don't store high-calorie junk foods in your home. If you do not bring home that tray of muffins, you won't be faced with constant temptation. For instance, you could create some delicious fresh vegetables and put them on a tray in the fridge.
  • Eating salad to start of your dinners is a very good healthy appetite suppressant and way to help you lose weight. Salads contain lots of fiber which satisfies your hunger without excess calories to burn off.Shaped and healthy body man holding a fresh salad bowl,shaped abdominal, isolated on white background, colored retouched
  • You can stick to your weight loss diet even at a work and family party. Begin by selecting fruits and vegetables over foods that may be higher in calories. This will allow you to enjoy all of the fun without compromising your weight loss plan. Don't make it a giant deal out of them while at a party; just do it.
  • It is an often said that drinking a lot of water if losing weight is your goal. Were you aware that drinking cold water makes your metabolism? When you drink cold water, your body works to stabilize its internal temperature, which also raises your metabolism.
  • Whole grains are a must in a diet can help you lose weight. You can consult a dietician about proper whole grain choices or you research your own questions. Avoid purchasing items that has words like “enriched” or enriched.
  • Don't eat food when it's late-night so you can lose weight quicker. Snacking late at night fills your body with calories it is not going to burn off.You will start losing weight as soon as you cut out late night dining and snacking.
  • It is easier to exercise regularly if you pick a scheduled time for your daily exercise. Schedule a time for working out and do it.
  • Some new fad diets eliminate carbs to lose weight. This is not be the nutritional side. Carbs are very important to function the best.
  • One effective tip to help you is to buy a pedometer. This calculates the amount of steps you take each day. This will help make sure that you in black and white whether you need to get more walking you are doing each day. You should always strive to take 10,000 steps a day. This helps you see how well your weight loss efforts are working. Keep the numbers logged in a notebook so you can track your progress over time. People that follow this method typically increase their chances of losing weight.
  • This is easier if you don't live with just one other person.
  • It is good to note that muscle mass burns more calories than fat. Having more muscle on your body will assist you in losing extra pounds without doing much work. Strength training is essential a few times a week is the best way to develop your muscles.
  • Work out as a team, encourage and support each other, and share the celebration when you achieve a goal. When you have to answer to somebody else, you are much less likely to slack off on your diet and workout routine.
  • Keeping records as you progress is an important part of a chart will come in handy when trying to lose it. This helps to keep you much more motivated.
  • Don't turn your fork to capacity with each bite. Take moderate sized bites when you eat until you feel full, put down your utensils. If you swallow your food quickly, you are probably going to eat much more because you have not allowed your stomach the chance to alert you about being full. It is not hard to lose weight if you apply a few tricks in mind.
  • Eating cereals five days a week is proven to help you with your lose weight. Cereal contains calcium and heart healthy fibers. Not every brand of cereal has this benefit, so don't grab Fruit Loops!Stick with healthy, like Total and Bran Flakes.
  • Beans are not only good for weight loss too. These versatile foods offer protein and are extremely versatile. They can also make delicious burgers. A great thing to try is sprouting lentils and then have them on a sandwich.
  • If you are beginning your first weight loss diet, you should always consult with a nutritionist to find out what type of diets are most appropriate for you. Everyone is different, so what works best for your friend may not necessarily provide you the same positive results. Seek assistance when you want to really maximize your chances of success.
  • Weight loss is a goal but this need not be the case for you.
  • Studies have shown that people who diet and keep a journal of everything they consume are far more likely to continue to lose weight. They have been actually shown to lose twice as much compared to those that don't keep track of what they eat.
  • Make sure that you are never depriving yourself of any from your diet. If you deprive yourself of your favorite foods, a lot of the time you will end up wanting it more and end up stuffing yourself with this item. This will sabotage all of your plan.


In conclusion, you are done with the fat and want to know what to do to get rid of it. You are poorer and less healthy because of your obesity. Hopefully the information you have just read will put you on the path towards losing weight.

Easy-To-Follow Tips For Maintaining Proper Workout Routines

stay fit

Staying fit is important in the lives of all people. The following article below will show you some of the information you'll need to accomplish your goals.


You will anticipate your workout routine.

The best fitness routines target your body but also include exercises designed to increase flexibility.

Search for fitness classes in your region.

Try different types of exercise classes to keep yourself excited and motivated.

Try out a dance or dancing. Even if you only attend each class once, you are still becoming more fit.

Record each thing you do daily. You should even note the weather you had that day. This can help you reflect on the lows and highs of that affected your day. If you choose not to exercise for the day, note why.

Be certain you have a great pair of workout shoes before you workout. If you fail to wear the proper shoes for the type of workout you favor, you increase your risks of incurring injury to your legs and feet.

Woman doing her kettlebell crossfit workout

Make time to exercise for a few minutes each day.

Never attempt to move out when you are feeling sick. Your body will not be able to build muscle and fight off an illness at the same time. This means that you should avoid exercising until you feel better. While you are waiting, take care of your body with a good diet and plenty of sleep.

Try increasing your stride speed if want to join a sprint. This can be accomplished by positioning your foot to land beneath your body rather than ahead of it. Use your rear leg's toes on the back leg to push off and go forward. Practice this every run and watch your running speed improve gradually.

You should lightly workout the muscles that were exercised the day prior. You can achieve this by slightly working out your tired muscles with a significantly lower intensity.

You should give you body when it says it needs rest.Some coaches recommend that you don't rest in between the sets. Take a rest whenever your body is letting you to do so. If you over do not there is a chance you will hurt yourself.

Divide your total run into three phases. Start running at a slower pace and then gradually work up to the standard one. Push your pace up past your normal speed during the final portion. This improves your endurance and total distance over time.

Lifting weights helps you build endurance to run. Runners don't often do weight training, but it can! Research has proven that runners can run faster and farther than those who do not.

Walking your dog is good exercise and can be helpful when you are trying to improve your exercise routine. Your furry friend will always be happy to be your fitness buddy each and every day! Walk around the block you live on and start to build from there. This camaraderie is one of the many perks of being a dog owner.

Make sure that you target both your balance during the course of your workout. Working just the lower back is likely to result in back pain. Working both out will solve this problem and ineffective workouts.

Implement barbell squats into your workout routine in order to develop your muscles.

It is tempting and easy to go too extreme when you first start working out. You can strain muscles and become accustomed to exercise if you have lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Try jogging with a friend A running buddy who is in great shape than your are is actually even more helpful. The fitness and motivation of your friend can personify the goal you reach your goals. If you workout with someone who is currently more athletically gifted than you are, you will try even harder to keep up with them.

Avoid focusing too much on one area of your body or a single muscle group. Some people isolate one area of their body they want to workout and never build on others; this isn't the most productive thing you can produce impressive results.

Seek out the advise of a dietitian to develop your diet. You can eliminate bad foods easily, but do you know exactly how working out is going to impact your diet?

A great fitness tip for those people looking to build strength is lifting lighter weights at much faster speeds. This causes your muscles to work harder. Choose a weight that is approximately 50% of your upper limit.

Schedule a time to exercise to increase your level of motivation and stick to it. This will allow you to reduce excuses for not working out.You will probably find that you had time after all.

This increases blood flow to the muscle tissue and repair it more quickly.

Do some exercises from the comfort of home. You can perform many exercises at home, squats, lunges, pull-ups, and squats. You can also use weights or resistance training with elastic bands. A jump rope lets you need when doing cardio workout.

But it's also need to adjust your diet. Consume vegetables and fruits while trying to reduce the carbohydrates and fats from your diet.

Your age will let you know how long you need to hold your stretches. People under 40 years old should hold a stretch for 30 seconds. People over 40 should hold their stretches for about a minute. This can help protect your muscles safe from injury.

In conclusion, although fitness is important to many people, there are many things that people do not know about it, partially because they do not have the available resources. The information contained above is intended to provide valuable facts that can help you achieve and maintain true fitness.