Best Mascara, Dry Shampoo and other Questions from this week

Best Mascara TikTok Instagram Reels

Here are the questions you (or your friends) asked via the Instagram Stories box @RunEatRepeat.

Since IG stories are only up for 24 hours and my highlights are packed – this is the best way to save the answers and information for you to find later. I’ll link to any products I mention under the question so it’s easy to find.

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QUestions covered today:

  • What’s the BEST Dry Shampoo
  • What do you put on your eyelashes
  • What’s the sitch with Ben
  • What skin care products do you use
  • What do you drink (besides seltzer)
  • Are you doing any races in Northern California
  • Can I pet Diego


@RunEatRepeat Instagram Story Questions:

Note… Some of the questions I answered via video. Then, I realized it wasn’t easy to save 15 second clips on a blog post… so I started to  answer via text in the story. I’m sharing the ones I answered via text below. If I answered a question via video and you missed the answer OR want links to what I mentioned – just ask again in my stories @RunEatRepeat on Instagram 

What’s the best dry shampoo?

I love Batiste Dry Shampoo in the scent – Coconut and Exotic Tropical .

I think the best one for hair that’s a little more oily (or sweaty) is Aveda Dry Shampoo aka Shampure 

What do you put on your lashes?

I swear by THIS Maybelline Colossal Mascara

See my Instagram Reels for a Fast Before and After using that mascara I love HERE.

Best Mascara TikTok Instagram Reels

What would you tell your 18 year old self?

(video answer)

Are you and Ben back together?

(video answer)

But… I got a lot more questions like this, so I updated it with a text answer:

@RunEatRepeat Ben Update

Do you Drink Sodas at all? I just drink water but need something else. I’m not a sparkling water fan.

Run Eat Repeat Drinks

I LOVE seltzer & have a Soda Stream
so I drink a lot of sparkling water.
And I also drink…

What Skin Care Products Do You Use?

Run Eat Repeat Skincare

Advice for GI Problems While Running?

Runner GI Issues

Do you still eat dirty grapes??

Run Eat Repeat Dirty Grapes

Can I pet Diego?

Yes. Diego LIVES for pets.

Run Eat Repeat can I pet Diego

Are you going to run a race in Northern California?

Run Eat Repeat Race Northern California


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