2021 Monthly Miles Tracker FREE Printable Planner for Runners

Free Miles Tracker for Runners

How many miles did you run this year? Do you have a running or mileage goal for 2021?? I’m going to check my miles total right after today’s run. But I couldn’t wait to post about the amazing FREE 2021 Running Tracker you can use to count every mile in the new year!

Get the complete 2021 January through December Planner with space to track all your miles the entire year! PLUS a super cute bonus page to tally up the total mileage for the year. YES – it’s FREE for right now.

I’ve seen partial calendars or ones without dates on them for sale on etsy and other run blogs. But when I started to make the January Running Calendar I got this idea and decided to make the entire year. I love a new planner and big blank space to write in my running notes – and I know you’ll love this too!

It took a lot of work to put together this new 2021 Running Miles Tracker and I really hope it helps you celebrate every mile and hit your goals this year! (Speaking of goals… there’s a Running Challenge coming soon if you need a running plan, more support and guidance. Make sure you’re following me here and on IG so you don’t miss it!)

Free Miles Tracker for Runners

2021 Run Planner features:

  • Jan-Dec dated Calendars
  • End of the week Miles Totals and End of the Month Totals
  • Fun ‘Bib’ Round Up Page to Tally up Miles for the Year

Tip: Print out 2 copies and use one to PLAN YOUR RUNS. Then, use the second to note how many miles you did.

If you find the mileage tracker helpful and/or know anyone else who’d benefit from it – please pass along this post to your followers,  running buddies, arch nemesis, strangers at the park, etc…

Oh! And I feel so disconnected from other runners right now since all the races and running club have been cancelled so I really love hearing from you on social. Please snap a pic of your miles tracker and tag @RunEatRepeat on Instagram so I can see how it’s going! Thanks!! – Monica 

LMK in the comments here or on Instagram @RunEatRepeat


Get your FREE Mileage Tracker for 2021 here:

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