11 Protein Shakes for Weight Loss


Protein Shake is one of the most popular addition to the routine of people who are on a weight loss journey. Gym goers in particular are raving about it and it is where you can get the best suggestions on which protein shake powder to use or what mix is the most ideal. Protein shakes help by boosting calorie burn and by preserving lean muscle mass in the process. Protein fuels the body in a lot of ways.

The following are some of the popular Protein Shakes that are very ideal for losing weight:

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The Classic

This is the best guide if you have little to no time to prepare breakfast in the morning. Just grab any available fruit you have in your kitchen
2 scoops of protein powder
2 cups of spinach or any vegetables that would not alter the taste of your protein shake
2 handfuls of fruit (fresh or frozen)
2 tablespoons of healthy fat like chia seeds, for example
Water or regular milk
Note: Make it one measurement instead of two for each ingredient if you have lesser nutrient requirements.

Key Lime Pie Shake

Key Lime Pie is perhaps one of the best desserts you can have but who would have thought that some of the ingredients of this pie can also be good when making a protein milk shake? With the richness of cottage cheese and a bit of a twit from the lime, this is surely one good protein shake recipe. Shake recipe HEREweight loss

Blueberry Grape Smoothie

This is something for any individual who loves blueberries and grapes. The ingredients are easy to find and may even just be seating in your kitchen. The great thing about the fruit selection in this recipe is that the fruits are very rich in antioxidants and are great sources of vitamins. This can also be perfect as a refreshing drink because of its refreshing taste. Smoothie recipe HEREweight loss

Chocolate Peppermint Smoothie Shake

Who says you cannot enjoy a healthy drink if you are using classic dessert flavors? This simple, classic favorite flavor is easy to make and is enjoyable to consume. On top of that, it will still serve its purpose of being a great protein shake that is good for the body. Smoothie recipe HEREweight loss

Mango Lassi Shake

This is a fruity, indian inspired drink that is rich in Vitamins A and C. Great thing about this recipe is that it does not need any protein powder because, yogurt, which is an integral ingredient in this shake, contains a hefty amount of protein and also contains Vitamin B 2, potassium and magnesium. Shake recipe HEREweight loss

Banana Oat Smoothie

This simple yet nutrition-packed smoothie is perfect for any person especially during breakfast. It is a classic mix which is why it does not need some getting used to, taste-wise as it is something that is loved by everyone. This body will sustain the sugar in the body and helps prevent muscle cramps too. Smoothie recipe HEREweight loss

Peanut Butter- Banana Shake

This is a very simple, easy to love recipe that does not take complicated ingredients or process to prepare. It only has 4 simple ingredients. Put them together in the blender, and you are ready to go! Shake recipe HERE

Kale Cucumber Pear Smoothie

Just by looking at the name of the smoothie, you can already feel the refreshing feel of the drink and the nutrient overload you can get from it. Kale, cucumber and pear are some of the most popular fruits and vegetables in losing weight as it helps your body full for a long period of time. This is why this recipe is not only the perfect source of protein but also the perfect source of pure great nutrients. Smoothie recipe HEREweight loss

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

This recipe is what can be described as a heaven of pure goodness. It tastes really good and it contains all the nutrients you would want to get from your protein shake. This is also a protein shake that does not require a protein shake powder as its ingredients like greek yogurt and skim milk are already great sources of protein. Smoothie recipe HEREweight loss

Green Warrior Smoothie

This protein smoothie is perfect for all the vegetarians and lactose intolerants out there as this is an all fruits and vegetables recipe, with virgin coconut oil and hulled hemp seeds. The fruits and vegetables that are used are also popular fruits and vegetables for losing weight. Apple, cucumber, kale, grapefruit, and mango in one cup? Now that is a surely great way to give your body all the nutrients and energy it needs. This refreshing, nutritious, easy to do protein smoothie sure is for everyone! Smoothie recipe HEREweight loss

Raw Banana Bread Shake Recipe

This is a very warm and yummy smoothie that is good for relaxed and laid back days. It has an equal balance of natural sweetness and spices that complement each other. It is definitely not as easy to prepares as the other protein shakes but it can give your body it is requiring from a protein shake. This is not your typical shake flavor as well, which is an added bonus! Shake recipe HERE weight loss


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