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100 Miles Challenge Tracker Chart

Doing a 100 Mile Challenge is a great way to make a new running habit or get you back on track after some time off. The secret to running better, faster and stronger is often consistency. So challenge yourself (and maybe a running buddy) to run or walk 100 Miles and see how much progress and confidence you make along the way.

This free printable pdf is best for new runners, walkers and experienced runners who want a different challenge. Let’s go!

  1. Challenge a friend to do the 100 Mile Challenge with you – you can run (or walk) the miles alone OR together. Decide on a start date. Get the printable tracker and go! The first person to get to 100 – WINS.
  2. Challenge a group of friends or family to take the 100 Mile Challenge with you. Choose a start date. Get the printable tracker and give everyone a copy. Start a group text and have everyone check in weekly. The first person to get to 100 – WINS.
  3. Challenge yourself to Run 100 Miles. Decide on a ‘Victory Lap’ aka – prize you’ll get yourself when you finish. Get the tracker and go! Mark off every mile to see your progress and stay motivated. When you finish – celebrate with your prize!


100 Mile Tracker Chart free printable

If you really want to make sure you’re counting up your miles accurately you have to use an accurate tool to measure the distance. It doesn’t have to be a super fancy running watch or tracker though. There are affordable (even free) options to track how far you’re running.

When you are part of a buddy or group challenge and trying to keep each other accountable – find out how everyone is going to track their miles before you start. If they’re a new runner or just new to a challenge like this be sure to let them know the free options. No one wants to scramble to download a good running app as they walk out the door to run!

Watches and Apps to Track How Many Miles You Run

  1. GPS Running Watch – I use the Polar Vantage M right now and love it
  2. Apple Watch Series 6 with GPS, FitBit Versa 3 has GPS or Garmin Vivo Active Watch
  3. Free Apps! There are so many to choose from including –  Run Keeper, Strava, Nike Run Club, Map My Run & more.

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